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Just some thoughts to expand our perception. Of course you don’t need to agree. Just putting it out there for curiosity and wonder. And you all know, while I welcome current thinking and past thinking but enjoy perceiving new ways of thinking, seeing and understanding. I invite you to experiment and explore if it resonates with you and if not, feel free to let it go 💞

“The best training is by the example of our behavior, and the best behavior we can show by example is that of compassion for the suffering of others. If a child does not learn compassion by his parents' example, how will he learn it? “

“We mistakenly assume that the child's need for comfort is somehow less important or less urgent than an adult's need for emotional comfort.”

“If a woman asks her partner for a hug, she hopes that he will respond in a compassionate way, without stopping to determine if she has had too many hugs already, or is trying to "manipulate" or "train" him. If he ignores her request or responds with annoyance, the relationship suffers. If he continues to respond in this way, the relationship may well end. Yet this same woman may not see the parallel when she ignores her crying toddler.”

The excerpts above taken from the attached article.

I also feel the same way about sleep. How come it’s ok to sleep and share a bed with your partner but not your child? Now of course there are times for various reasons it’s unhealthy, unsafe or impractical for partners to share beds or children to share beds or rooms. I acknowledge this however it’s important to look at all sides and not box ourselves into one way.

Same with what the article says about manipulation. Most often we assume and right away categorize a child’s behavior into narrow boxes. There can be many reasons for a child’s behavior however I have observed most often children are labeled and categorized as being manipulative or non-compliant. I don’t believe in ignoring or in overindulging. There are other options to compassionately show up for our children while still holding boundaries but requires us to do our own personal work and investigation into our own emotions, behavior and reactions.

This story below may seem a bit far out, but it provides another perspective to consider. This excerpt is taken from The book “Zerolimits – The Secret Hawaiin System for Health, Wealth, Peace and More” by Joe Vitale

“A therapist in Hawaii was called in to help at the Hawaii State hospital where the insane patients were totally out of control.

The ward where they kept the criminally insane patients was a dangerous place. Psychologists would quit on a monthly basis and the staff would call in sick a lot or simply quit. People would walk through the ward with their backs against the wall because they were afraid of being attacked by the patients.

It was not a safe place to work.

Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, an expert in the spiritual practice, Ho’oponopono, was asked if he would work there and see what he could do.

Dr Hew Len (for short), agreed to see what he could do. So he worked there for three years and by the end of that time the ward was closed because all the patients had healed.

Dr Hew Len never saw any of the patients professionally or counselled them at all, all he did and agreed to do was review their files.

While he studied their files, he would work on himself – he would repeat a mantra over and over – and miraculously, gradually all the patients began to heal.

After a few months of Dr Hew Len being there, patients who had been shackled started being allowed to walk freely; others who’d been heavily medicated, started getting their medications reduced; and those who had been seen as having no chance of ever being released, were being released and freed.

Not only that, but the staff began to enjoy coming to work. Absenteeism and turnover disappeared. They ended up having more staff than they needed, because patients were being released and all the staff were showing up to work every day.

What happened to change things so dramatically?

Dr Hew Len explained, “I was simply cleaning the part of me that I shared with them.”

The only way I can explain it is this… Ho’oponopono recognises we are all part of one consciousness, and as such, everything that is in our experience is affected by our actions/reactions. We are responsible for everything we experience!

Dr Hew Len explains, “total responsibility for your life, means that everything in your life, simply because it is in your life, is your responsibility. In a literal sense, the entire world is your creation.”

In other words, what he is saying is, we are living in a shared consciousness/a shared hologram if you like, where if one person’s consciousness changes, it can change the whole.

In a way, this is what Ghandi meant, when he said, in order to change the world, “be the change, you want to see happen in the world.”

As Joe Vitale said, “Whew, this is tough to swallow. Being responsible for what I say or do is one thing, but being responsible for what everyone in my life says or does is quite another.”

So how does this affect us?

Everyone has situations in their life when sometimes things are particularly difficult. It might be, there is someone at work we can’t get away from or someone in our family or maybe our world is caught up in some global crisis event.

As I learnt from The Freedom Teachings ……….

“what you focus on expands and what you resist persists.”

So sometimes it seems as if we are powerless to change things. If we are suffering from depression or some kind of terrible relationship, or we are in the midst of a crisis, all we have to remember is, we hold the power and we can help the situation by maintaining our focus and opening to the greatest power in the universe, Love.

In that moment, as soon as we feel that awful feeling stirring within us, rather than reacting in our usual way, if we just focus on the mantra we will find things change….. either we won’t feel so irritated or something will happen to change the situation. it may not happen immediately, but if we persevere and trust, things will change.”

I feel (and I am including myself which is why I am so passionate about this) that as parents and caregivers that often we do not see the connection between our behavior, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and our children’s behavior. This why at IMPI we include so much of our work, investigative process, action steps and solutions for the parents and not just the child.

I feel by understanding and facing this, it provides us all an opportunity to develop, expand and grow leading to deeper profound loving connections minimizing greatly the suffering existing on our planet. 💖
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